Re: [Evolution-hackers] Notes/Memos component for Evolution?

On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 07:31, Nathan Owens wrote:
> > JP has been talking about redoing libecal to use a parser based on the
> > libebook vcard parser. If that happens, then it would be easy to adapt
> > the same parser to do vnote/vmemo/whatever it's called as well.
> I looked at the vcard syntax, and it looks like the formatting could be
> similar, except replace VCARD with VMEMO. Tags for categories, a UID, and
> a summary already exist, so nothing extra needed there. The description
> or note tags could be used for a memo's content, but I think a "CONTENT"
> tag would describe it better.
> I think I'll implement a parser for the memo using a vcard-like format,
> and if the libebook vcard parser gets rewritten, I'll see how I can use
> the rewritten parser. It doesn't look like I can use the one as-is, since
> it takes an EVCard.
well, if we use VJOURNAL, you can just use libical for now as the
parser, since it already should support VJOURNAL.

Also, we talked about this on IRC, and using VJOURNAL would allow us to
provide a journal/blog component, with support for even accessing your
online blog. VJOURNAL seems to work for notes also, so implementing it
once only would add support for both things, notes, and journal/blog.


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