Re: [Evolution-hackers] Notes/Memos component for Evolution?

On tir, 2003-12-16 at 07:31, Nathan Owens wrote:
> --- Dan Winship <danw ximian com> wrote:
> > > I could use either one of the existing libraries (libical, libebook) or
> > > I could create a new library just for a memo component.
> > 
> > Some standard defines a vcard/vcalendar-like format for notes. I think
> > it's called either VMEMO or VNOTE. It may be part of obex (the
> > irda/bluetooth object exchange protocol). It might make sense to use
> > that (would presumably make it easier to sync with pdas/phones).
> The only real VMEMO stuff I found was for a MacOSX voice recorder, and
> the VNOTE was the first version of VJOURNAL (I think that's in some
> of the other e-mails).

As far as I can tell VMEMO is not what you want. Unless you are really
interested in voice memos (and that does not seem to be the case).

The VJOURNAL component of the iCalendar seems to fit the bill though. It
too follows the same kind of syntax rules as vcards. 

libical parses VJOURNAL's just fine.

VJOURNAL also gives you the ability to refer to other icalendar
components like todos and calendar events, which might be neat. But
isn't required if you don't want the added GUI complexity.


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