Re: Initial comments

* Marco Pesenti Gritti (Jan 27, 2005 20:30):
> > I was interested in removing the Back/Forward buttons as well and
> > just going with the Up/Down buttons on the left hand side.  The
> > back/forward seems to be a less than useful feature and takes up
> > quite a bit of space.  Really we want searching to be really good
> > and then people can use that to navigate quickly.

> Now that you made me implement session history? Aaaargh ;)

> (FWIW I found these buttons quite confusing when I first seen them in
> gpdf)

I think that we might as well go with the "browser" metaphor here, where
there are history buttons, but not necessarily up/down buttons.  What do
you think?  (I rarely, if ever, use either...),

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