Re: Initial comments

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 20:36 +0100, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 20:31 +0100, Ralph Aichinger wrote:
> > Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> > Please don't cycle through pages. If I want to go to the end (or the 
> > beginning) of a document
> > quickly, I frequently just hit the down key several times. But there are 
> > IMHO very few real situations where cycling through makes practical 
> > sense. I may be wrong though, this is only my
> > personal opinion.
> I definately agree with you on this, I was just not expressing my
> personal opinion :)

Agreed, we have the Home/End keys take people to the first/last if we
wanted to give a quick way to do that.

~ Bryan

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