Re: Installing Seed extensions

2009/9/30 Josselin Mouette <joss debian org>:
> Le lundi 28 septembre 2009 à 16:11 +0300, Xan Lopez a écrit :
>> Yeah, Seed support is pretty much in the "experimental" camp for the
>> moment. It would be great if someone started a wiki page with the
>> biggest blockers, or started opening bugs and marked them with some
>> relevant keywords. I opened a few (mostly seed bugs) a few months ago,
>> but then got too busy with other ephy/webkit issues :/
>> Any volunteer?
> Can I volunteer for re-introducing Python support instead?
> :)

It's not really possible to have python and seed support at the same
time, since they would conflict in their memory management of the
objects they see. And I really don't feel like spending time in python
makes any sense when the long term plan is to use javascript for

That's pretty much what I said in the email about the topic last time,
and I still believe the same thing :)


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