Re: huge weblog post with my suggestions for improvement in Epiphany

Hi Alexander,

Op zaterdag 29-03-2008 om 20:56 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Alexander
van Loon:

> Yes, but the "Tabs" menu isn't as quick as just using the tabs bar
> because it requires opening a menu. That's why I think Epiphany should
> just shrink the tabs to a smaller size so more of them can be displayed
> at once. The extension isn't useful because it doesn't really solve the
> problem of tabs which are too wide on the tab bar.

The real solution should come from the toolkit level: instead of hardly
discoverable arrows, some sort of clearly visible dropdown menu should
be shown with all currently invisible tab titles in it. Another nice
idea I read in a bug is to make the arrows sensitive like the overflow
menu arrows.

> I wonder if it is Epiphany which controls the width of the tabs, or if
> it is GTK? I'd like to know for which product I should file a bugreport
> with the request to make the tabs less wide.

That request has already been filed: and also

As for GTK+, I have a nice list for you that you may like to chew on
before filing a new bug ;-)


Reinout van Schouwen

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