Re: Why I don't use Epiphany(tm)

On Fri, 2007-03-30 at 17:11 +0200, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> Hello Stefan,
> Thanks for your feedback.
> > * Web Developer Toolbar
> > 
> > Since I create sites and design homepages this is a really essential
> > tool for me. I would love to have it for Epiphany.
> Let's get one thing straight here right away: the reason there's no Web
> Developer Toolbar for Epiphany is not that the developers think there's
> no demand for it (although web developers are not Epiphany's primary
> audience). If someone ported the Firefox web developer extension, we
> would be happy to include it. But with the limited manpower we have,
> this simply doesn't have priority.

I remember having read something about replicating most of the
WebDeveloper extension somewhere in the Gnome Wiki but I haven't been
able to find it lately. (Or I've just been to tired when searching.)
Since it isn't that much of a hassle to open Firefox when designing
there isn't exactly any hurry. It will come when it comes. (Although it
will continue to be on my list for the perfect Epiphany)

> > * A seperate search field (in the style of Firefox and IE7)
> You can already put smart bookmarks on any toolbar you like!

Now that I've made some smart bookmarks this is a none-issue. :)
Although I have one feature request: The ability to combine several
smart bookmarks into one toolbar entry. This would be nice to have but
it isn't a showstopper. For now I'm gonna use the address bar when I'm
searching and I have a suspicion that it will work just fine too. :)

> > I know that someone from the Epiphany team has said that mail doesn't
> > have anything to do with Epiphany (or something like that). Same person
> > also referred to Mail Notification, 
> Well, that might have been me. I concur with this opinion, in any
> case. ;-)

Now that you mention it I do believe it was you, :)

> > have a gmail-account which I use as my primary email and I'm involved
> > with a few other projects which have chosen gmail for their mail,
> > something that would be really nice is an easy way to handle all these
> > accounts. 
> You should really be looking at Evolution for that. Enable POP mail
> retrieval for those accounts and create corresponding mail accounts in
> Evolution. That will give you more e-mail flexibility than Epiphany will
> ever be able to provide.

Actually I'm already using Evolution for my personal e-mail accounts.
(And you are correct, it gives my much more power and flexibility than
any browser.) I will try to explain what I mean in more detail (I think
I have a better chance this time since I shouldn't have gone to sleep
already this time). Enabling the POP-extension for all these accounts
isn't really the solution. As you recommended in another thread I'm
already using "Mail Notification" and when an email arrives in one of
the Gmail mailboxes it will indicate that I have new mail in that
account until I login on Gmail and read or mark it as read. Now if I
login on account #2 and check the mail there and then want to check my
Google Groups I have to log out from account #2 and login on account #1.
If I break down the process even more it looks like this in Epiphany:

1. Login on account #2 by entering correct username and password.
2. Check mail/Mark as read/Whatever
3. Log out from account #2
4. Login on account #1 by entering that accounts username and password
5. Rinse and repeat depending on amount of work to do.
6. (Yeah Epiphany do store the passwords so it isn't exactly as horrible
as I described it)

The reason I'm requesting this "quick switch" for is that I have my main
account which I wish to be logged in on unless I'm checking another
account. This means that every time I want to check an account I have to
log out of my main account, log in to the account I want to check, log
out that account and then login on my main account again.

And just to be clear, the only function I'm speaking about here is the
possibility to quickly switch between gmail/google identities. No fancy
stuff like mail checking or something like that, only the switching
between logged in accounts.

Still not convincing you? =)

> > * More than one language spell-check
> I'm looking into this, but don't hold your breath just yet.

Could it be an idea to take inspiration from how Evolution handles spell
checking and multiple languages?

> > Now I just want a few things more so I can make the switch. So
> > again, great job!

Actually I'm trying to switch right now. We'll see if I can convert
myself. :)

> Thanks! Spread the word. :-)
> regards,

Stefan Nitsche
stefan dreampond se

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