Re: What is Epiphany's role now?

Hi Stephan;

Thanks for replying.

On Fri, 2007-03-30 at 19:18 +0200, Stefan Stuhr wrote:
> fre, 30 03 2007 kl. 12:54 -0400, skrev William Case:
> > On Sat, 2007-03-31 at 01:25 +1200, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> > > On Mar 28, 2007, at 3:35 AM, William Case wrote:
> > [snip]
> > > > First let me say, I do this already off the Gnome panel and/or the
> > > > Workspace Switcher.  I am only thinking of ways to make things faster,
> > > > intuitive and more efficient while working.
> > > 
> > > I'm interested in understanding this better. Why would adding 
> > > non-Epiphany-specific things to Epiphany's toolbar be "faster, 
> > > intuitive and more efficient" than adding them to the panel? On the 
> > > panel they're available available all the time, even if you don't have 
> > > an Epiphany window open; and the target area is larger, because the 
> > > panel is against the edge of the screen.
> > > 
> > Well, when I wrote this I had a couple of things in mind.  As suggested
> > latter on in my post I would like to have Epiphany work in conjunction
> > with Tomboy or Stickynotes or whatever.  I assumed that these would have
> > to be set with a special set of preferences or commands or something
> > that would not work exactly as the launcher on the panel.  
> I, personally, can't see how launchers in the toolbar is within the
> scope of a webbrowser. It would be possible to make as an Epiphany
> extension, but a general toolbar button launcher should probably (and
> IMHO) remain a manual-download-and-
> install 3rd party extension.

I suppose you are correct.  But since so much is now done by a user
interfacing with the Web, anything that aids that interface, by the main
tool for that interface, seems to me within the scope of that tool (i.e.
the browser).  Whether you ( I am not being personal here ) would use it
or not, I would.  Everybody works differently.  If it is best as a
plugin, that's fine.

> > Evolution does not have a compose launcher that I know of and I keep my
> > main Evolution application open in a separate workspace.  Quick access
> > to my composer would allow me to post to someone while I have the
> > information in front of me and/or copy and paste from a site to an email
> > with the relevant info in view.  Maybe its because I am moving into old
> > fartism, but I find myself bouncing back and forth between work spaces
> > when writing an email to someone (maybe my short term memory is going)
> > that contains copied information.
> The following command line opens an empty Evolution compose e-mail
> window for me:
>         evolution mailto:
Thank you.  I may be stupid but I have looked everywhere for that.

> You can make a new launcher on your panel with that command line.
> > With Epiphany taking up a great deal or full screen space I have a few
> > programs I would like to open with a specific geometry while using
> > epiphany.  
> Is it programs you use all the time (and keep running), or is it
> programs you only launches when you need them, and exits afterwards?
It is programs I only launch when I need them.

> If it is the first, can't you use session management to launch them when
> you starts your session, in the right size and position?
> Stefan
Regards Bill

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