Re: What is Epiphany's role now?

On Mar 31, 2007, at 3:45 AM, Christopher Aillon wrote:

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:

True, Internet Explorer wasn't Free Software, but neither is Firefox unless you debrand it.

Pet peeve #27: Comparing "branding" to "software".

If there is something specifically wrong with my statement, then say so.
Branding is highly relevant to this discussion, because Murray began it by saying "The Firefox brand was just something [Linux distributors] couldn't do without".

(I understand both sides of the trademark argument and I'm not trying to dredge it up again, but that nobody has found a good solution to the problem doesn't make it go away. For example, that Firefox is not Free Software contributes to Ubuntu's Mozilla team tracking bugs in a different way from the rest of Ubuntu, which causes confusion in our bug tracker. If a software vendor adopts Epiphany and develops it to the point where they feel the need to give it a distinctive brand, similar problems will occur with that browser.)

Matthew Paul Thomas

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