Re: Suggestion for default toolbar settings

Hi Matthew,

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:

FWIW, when I made that argument, the Mozilla suite (which I was talking about) had no way of choosing where or whether to have text on toolbar buttons. In the default Classic theme text was always shown, making the buttons take up lots of space.

Thanks for the clarification. Still, I believe it holds that for the default layout, we should make sure that a large enough part of the address entry is visible, even on 800x600 screens.

So I think if Epiphany switches to one toolbar by default, it should switch to caption-less buttons by default too.

How about 'text beside icons'? This has the added advantage that Back finally is a bigger target than Forward (that is assuming that we keep using the back/forward browser metaphor ;-)

The system-wide "Toolbar button labels" preference is a nice idea in theory, but it's worse than useless in practice, because (a) the most appropriate default is highly dependent on the application, (b) it causes Customize Toolbar dialogs to have two "Toolbar button labels:" options that have exactly the same effect, and (c) that the "Default" can even be configured is not at all obvious.

Good point. The 'default' option should probably be removed and whatever is the GNOME default should be taken as initial value. If the user ever changes it, don't pay any attention to the GNOME default any more.


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