Re: Suggestion for default toolbar settings

On Mon, 2006-03-20 at 21:10 +0000, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> On Mar 19, 2006, at 10:13 PM, Jaap Haitsma wrote:
> > ...
> > Two toolbars by default is using up a large piece of precious screen
> > real estate. Furthermore many of the functions of the first toolbar 
> > are hardly used and simply can confuse first time users. My proposal 
> > is to have just one toolbar just like firefox.
> > ...
> +1

Can someone provide the reason why it's two again? I have a suspicion it
was something to do with "small screens", but perhaps there was another
reason. For what it's worth, my toolbar layout is:

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Something not too different from that would be my suggestion.

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