Re: Suggestion for default toolbar settings

On Tue, 21 Mar 2006, Peter Harvey wrote:

Two toolbars by default is using up a large piece of precious screen
real estate. Furthermore many of the functions of the first toolbar
are hardly used and simply can confuse first time users. My proposal
is to have just one toolbar just like firefox.

Can someone provide the reason why it's two again? I have a suspicion it
was something to do with "small screens", but perhaps there was another

The relevant thread is here:

Related bug:

For the lazy reader, the key argument from that bug reads:

1 The Toolbar and Address Bar being welded together, leaving no room for
any buttons besides the standard four (Back, Forward, Stop, and Reload)

2 Even for advanced users, the toolbar layout is annoying. The shortened
address field doesnt show as much of a URI, and the auto-completion menu
doesnt show as much of an auto-completion title, as it does in competing


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