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Kristoffer Lund�wrote:
On 3/16/06, *Michael M* <debian writemoore net <mailto:debian writemoore net>> wrote:

    It makes me eager to use Gnome 2.14!  It's times like these I think I
    should switch away from Debian to something more cutting-edge like
    Gentoo.  Then I go read the Gentoo installation docs, and after about
    five pages I get very sleepy, and when I wake up, I'm still running
    Debian.  :-)

You could give Ubuntu a try - it's very cutting-edge, not the least when it comes to Gnome, as it tracks Gnomes release cycles (releasing a new version about one month after each time and keeping it updated), there is no installation hassles and you'd feel right at home with a lot as it's built on debian. I'm running Gnome 2.14 already in the development version (Ubuntu Dapper), otherwise the full version will be released in a little while.

Yeah, I will try Ubuntu again ... I have fiddled with it before and thought it was pretty impressive. I'm just waiting for Dapper to be released (which, I read, will be delayed a month or so).

It does not install Epiphany by default though, as it uses Firefox, but it's just one "sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser epiphany-extensions" away, and then you can set it to be your default in Gnome Preferred Applications.

I thought that was odd, but I guess it's because Firefox is the big x-platform success story for Mozilla in particular and open-source in general. I guess it does make sense that a distro geared toward Windows converts would stick to what's popular. Plus, it's a very nice browser, but I think it's become too resource intensive. It's getting away from the lightweight browser it started out as.

Still, it is very useful in the sense that it provides a measure of familiarity for people changing OSes. I've used Firefox on Windows, OS X, and Linux. It's good to have available at least a few major apps you're very familiar with when you're starting out on a new OS and trying to figure out how it all works. It reduces the shock. :-)

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