Address/Location issue

Hi there,
This morning I read a post on Planet Ubuntu talking about trying out Epiphany. I've looked at it before but decided to give it another shot and immediately ran into a non-intuitive interface problem.

When I typed ALT+D in Epiphany to go to the address bar the Help menu was selected instead. At first I thought that Epiphany wasn't recognizing my keyboard layout. I use U.S. English Dvorak, selected in the Gnome preferences. In Qwerty my "D" key would be "H" - so it looked as if Epiphany was ignoring my keyboard layout and treating it as an ALT+H command. I discovered, by trying ALT+F, etc. that I was mistaken. Epiphany was handling the layout correctly. In looking a the menus I realized the problem. Epiphany uses CTRL+L to go to the "Location" bar.

Personally I don't care whether it's called Location or Address. But there has to be a better response than popping up the Help menu. I'd have preferred no response at all. That would have told me more than showing me the help menu. If I hit ALT+D and nothing happened I'd at least have known that it wasn't a valid command. Alternatively, ALT+D could behave as it does in other browsers. Or a tip could have been displayed suggesting that the user press CTRL+L. Just my two cents. I'll stick with trying out Epiphany this week and see how it goes.


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