How to use link search.

I am a new to Epiphany, but must admit really findind it awesome.
I mean not just its simple, and fast, BUT powerfull at the same time I
didnt expect that.
Especially  I like the link search thing. Its when I open a webpage
and type text it does a fast search for links that habe that text in
them. Excelent feature !!! No mouse, no slowdonws, However I couldnt
find any documentation on how to use it properly. Can anyone answer
me, how to jump to next link that suits the search queery?
For example ,
If a page has 2 links
Hello world
Hello word 2

How can I jump to next search , after typing "Hello world" ( please
dont suggest TAB) ( i am talking about cases when u'd have to jump
more than just a few lines)

 Would appriciate anyhelp :)

Everything is made from a Dream - /-Sakurai Kazutoshi-/

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