Re: Can the favicon extension be added to the default build of epiphany?

This issue doesn't make a lot of sense to me intuitively. I don't
operate a web server - I am left wondering why something such as
displaying an icon alongside the URL of a web page results in such
purportedly heinous problems that the developers decide that it's better
to keep the majority of them from working whatsoever.

Why exactly do "spurious" file requests and 404 errors happen as a
result of the way most favicons work? That doesn't make sense to me;
once again, I don't operate a web server. Yet I don't recognize how the
browser is the source of the problem, particularly when every browser I
know of handles the issue the same way except epiphany; it seems like an
example of something that a server ought to be programmed to expect. Why
doesn't a quality server come with simple programming which tells it how
to handle this relatively simple and widespread phenomenon (the typical
implementation of favicons), rather then producing a huge amount of junk
errors? I wouldn't think that a server-related solution to this kind of
issue would be difficult to come up with. Could this be seen as more of
a server related issue to tackle?

-Dan F

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