Can the favicon extension be added to the default build of epiphany?

Hi. I'm a Fedora Core 4 user. I go back and forth between Firefox and
Epiphany, though I stick with Epiphany most of the time. I like Epiphany
in mostly every way, except for one thing that bugs me. A lot - the fact
that it only displays favicons only for a small percentage of pages I
visit. I can't stand it - if it weren't for that one obvious little
visual impairment I really wouldn't be tempted to use firefox. But my
bookmark menu is ugly and off balance when only one out of every 3
bookmarks has an icon, and this leads me to a question that confounds me
- why on earth does epiphany require an extension to view most of the
favicons out there? Couldn't someone just include that feature in the
browser? I'd rather have it one way or the other - no built in favicon
support at all, or full and complete favicon support, but anything other
then having handicapped favicon support by default (that only works a
third of the time).

Trying to get these extensions from source is crazy for someone like me
who is not a developer. I appreciate you guys, truly, but I don't know
GCC programming/compiling routines and I can't stand dependency hell and
simply won't deal with it. Yum is a useful tool, but unfortunately the
standard repositories don't contain the extensions I'm looking for.

Could any of you please, pretty please, consider just letting Epiphany
support all favicons? I've reached the point of diminishing returns, and
it's not worth hours of time researching the extensions and
troubleshooting dependencies to get pictures to show up properly
alongside web addresses.

Thanks for any consideration!

-Dan F

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