Re: Can the favicon extension be added to the default build of epiphany?

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 18:22 -0900, Dan Freckleton wrote:
> Trying to get these extensions from source is crazy for someone like me
> who is not a developer. I appreciate you guys, truly, but I don't know
> GCC programming/compiling routines and I can't stand dependency hell and
> simply won't deal with it. Yum is a useful tool, but unfortunately the
> standard repositories don't contain the extensions I'm looking for.

You can safely assume that the Epiphany developers have debated this
issue plenty already and have agreed upon the current behavior[1]. Maybe
the extension *should* be enabled by default -- but if it should, that's
Red Hat's decision, not the Epiphany developers'.

In other words, you'll have to ask Red Hat :).

[1] The main reason is that the behavior of certain popular browsers is
*undesirable* to people hosting standards-compliant websites.

Adam Hooper
adamh densi com

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