Re: Can the favicon extension be added to the default build of epiphany?

On 3/9/06, Kristoffer Lundén <kristoffer lunden gmail com> wrote:
> There are ways around it, of course, but in the long run I think that
> websites not following the standards should get a bug report instead. What
> good are standards if they aren't used?

They aren't standards if the vast majority of the world's major
websites don't use them. Lets do a quick scan with Alexa:

* 1 of the top 5 sites english-speaking sites uses the so-called
'standard' (ironically, MSN)
* 1 of the top 5 travel sites uses the so-called 'standard'
* 1 of the top 5 business sites uses the so-called 'standard'
* 1 of the top 5 games sites
* 1 of the top 5 health sites
* 0 of the top 5 home sites
* 0 of the top 5 world sites

Do we see a trend? favico.ico, whether we like it or not, IS THE
STANDARD. Not using it makes people think that epiphany is broken.
This other thing that we like to pretend is the standard is not a
standard. No one uses it; it has been proposed and ignored.

Luis (frankly surprised that epiphany, which is normally so user
friendly, spits in the face of users like this)

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