[Epiphany] Suggestion: gnome keychains?

I noticed that when using galeon and epiphany they both store passwords 
for websites seperately from each other (and from the rest of gnome) - 
would it be a good idea to split off the password storage system into a 
seperate library? Ie. Create a general gnome keychain system for storing 
such information.

This could potentially benefit other gnome apps. I have a small program 
that uses gnome-vfs to access FTP sites and currently just stores 
passwords in the gconf registry, so such a system would also be useful to 
me. I can think of other uses for this: gnome-terminal could add an ssh 
function and store passwords in the keychain, and with web services 
becoming popular I expect it would be useful to the mono project too.

What do people think of this? I'd be willing to help work on such a 

Please CC: me replies as I'm not subscribed.


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