[Epiphany] Re: Epiphany RPM packages for RH9

On Tue, 13 May 2003, David Adam Bordoley wrote:

> >>  + Can we have a 'clean' button that erases the Location-bar ? I don't 
> >>    understand why they removed it from Galeon2 either ;-(
> > 
> > Uhm ctrl+l works well ;) I'm not opposed to have on in toolbar editor
> > though. Do others think it would be worth ?
> I don't see much use for a clean button, especially when there are other 
> more worthwhile features we can add to the tbe (zoom control). I'd rather 
> not bloat it with features that only are really useful to the minority of us 
> who are addicted to primary selection (and i'm pretty addicted to it i might 
> add). 

Well, if you are not adding it. Please consider what was possible in the 
beginning of Galeon. Creating an empty bookmark, if pressed it would clear 
the Location. I tried it here and it doesn't seem to do anything. 

> >>  + I love the bookmarks implementation. But it would be nice to make some 
> >>    changes for handling these bookmarks. I'd like to clean up my 
> >>    bookmarks but opening the properties of each individual link is 
> >>    time-consuming. Some of the information (for smart bookmarks eg) is not 
> >>    accessible ;(
> > 
> > You can edit the titles inline, F2 and add topics with dnd.
> > We thought editing url was a low priority task, so it's available only
> > in properties.
> address, damnit, address!!!! :) I agree with marco editting the address of a 
> link is not something *most* people do. 

Well, my plan was to change the name based on what the URL was like. 
Mostly for those URLs that are incomprehensible by only the title. But 
doing this was only possible by right-clicking an choosing properties.

Which is very boring after the fifth instance or so ;) A key for adding it 
to the toolbar, would also be nice (or maybe dnd ?)

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