[Epiphany] Re: 1.0 plans

Christian Rose writes:
> Another issue from the l10n perspective is the untranslated messages
> from Mozilla that is displayed in dialogs. It's happening in Galeon at
> least, and I assume this is no different in Epiphany, as this is to my
> understanding a gtkmozembed issue. This is also an important issue, but
> probably not as important as it "only" affects users of languages where
> the Mozilla translations is lacking (which on the other hand is quite a
> few), and since the fix is largely needed in Mozilla code, so that
> embedders can provide their own translations or formulations of
> messages. 

Well the good news is that for the most part we are just going and disabling 
those dialogs, since most of them are junk anyway. In most cases if you get 
one of them its considered a bug. 


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