[Epiphany] 1.0 plans

The following assumes epiphany is choosed as gnome browser for 2.4. I'm
not very confident this is going to actually happen, but I prefer to
start thinking to it, because the decision is taking way too much ;)

I think we have been doing some good progresses on both user interface
and code with the large changes that landed in the 0.5/0.6 period. But
we have also introduced a few bugs. It's probably worth to start
stabilizing things, especially considering that I'm going to need to do
some accessibility work on the embed ...

So these are the things I think we are still missing for a good 1.0
(remember, it doesnt need to be perfect, just good ;). I'm sure I missed
a lot of things, comments are very welcome.
There are also a lot of small things I'm not putting in the list ...
trying to concentrate on the bigger changes.

- Need to rehash a bit preference dialog. User interface section is
nearly empty and I dont think it make much sense too. What about to move
these to Advanced section ? Looks like there is sort of agreement that
the only necessary pref of these is "Always open in tabs", a sort of MDI
switcher. Advanced seem a good place for it.
Also we need a Security section I think, something like
These are very easy changes, it's just matter to decide on them.
- Make toolbar editor accessible. I'm going to work on this.
- Make mozilla embedding accessible. I want to work on this, but we are
blocked by the work the Sun team need to do.
- Documentation. Dave is on it.
- It would be good to be able to port our location entry to the
gtkcombo. I'm not sure if we will get at it because there is still not
an api and after one is decided it will have to made stable. I plan to
try a port once the api is decided in a cvs branch. Then we will see if
it's worth to merge it.
If we dont have time for this we will have to fix a few bugs of current
autocompletion, it sucks to waste time that way, but it should not take
too much time.
- Popups blocking.
See http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=111930. There is more or
less a design. Well it's more like a let's clone phoenix thing, the api
doesnt give us much freedom. There is also all the backend code and part
of the interface code.
I dont think I'll have time to work on it for 1.0. So someone will have
to volounter to do it ... otherwise post 1.0 I guess.
- Bookmarks. A final decision about single/multiple topics has still to
be made.
- We need to review gconf keys. Fixing names and removing stuff we dont
want to support.
- History. I dont think I'm going to do a serious design for 1.0. I want
to play with it, make small improvements and learn more about what is
- A small thing that I think is worth is to autodetect the first
language from LANG var (General section of prefs)

Hmm this is surely too short, I must be forgetting something. But I'm
sure someone will help me remembering ;)


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