Re: [Epiphany] Re: 1.0 plans

tis 2003-05-06 klockan 21.46 skrev Marco Pesenti Gritti:
> > What I was thinking was that we move the language prefs out of general and 
> > into advance, and move the tab pref into general, as its use is far more 
> > general than the language prefs (which to be honest i don't quite even 
> > understand, but I'm a stupid american :) ) Also can we please add a pref for 
> > the download folder to the general page. I think this is something that alot 
> > of users will find legitimately useful. 
> I'm fine with this as long as the main language is autodected. That's a
> very basic thing and we cant expect users to look in advanced for it.

So very much agreed. The http-accept-language should default to the
system language (LANG or LC_MESSAGES). That's probably by far the most
common usage and matching most user expectations. This auto-detection
needs to work.
Altering this preference (so that the http-accept-language doesn't match
the system language) on the other hand is probably much more uncommon
and would probably fit in an advanced section.

Another issue from the l10n perspective is the untranslated messages
from Mozilla that is displayed in dialogs. It's happening in Galeon at
least, and I assume this is no different in Epiphany, as this is to my
understanding a gtkmozembed issue. This is also an important issue, but
probably not as important as it "only" affects users of languages where
the Mozilla translations is lacking (which on the other hand is quite a
few), and since the fix is largely needed in Mozilla code, so that
embedders can provide their own translations or formulations of


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