Re: [Epiphany] Re: 1.0 plans

On Tue, 2003-05-06 at 21:36, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> Marco Pesenti Gritti writes:
> > 
> > - Need to rehash a bit preference dialog. User interface section is
> > nearly empty and I dont think it make much sense too. What about to move
> > these to Advanced section ? Looks like there is sort of agreement that
> > the only necessary pref of these is "Always open in tabs", a sort of MDI
> > switcher. Advanced seem a good place for it.
> > Also we need a Security section I think, something like
> >
> > These are very easy changes, it's just matter to decide on them.
> What I was thinking was that we move the language prefs out of general and 
> into advance, and move the tab pref into general, as its use is far more 
> general than the language prefs (which to be honest i don't quite even 
> understand, but I'm a stupid american :) ) Also can we please add a pref for 
> the download folder to the general page. I think this is something that alot 
> of users will find legitimately useful. 

I'm fine with this as long as the main language is autodected. That's a
very basic thing and we cant expect users to look in advanced for it.

> > - Make toolbar editor accessible. I'm going to work on this.
> This is going to thoroughly suck. Basically we need to make the icon view in 
> the editor keynavigatable with arrow keys (see nautilus for example) and 
> enable adding of toolbar items via context menus. Also we need to find a way 
> to let users use the keyboard to move through the toolbars when in edit mode 
> using the keyboard and arrow keys. 
> Sort of related, we should support tabbing between the toolbars and the view 
> pane. I suspect this will need to be done in egg-editable-toolbar. Also 
> there is no way to get out of a text entry in the toolbar using the keyboard 
> to access the next toolbar item. 

I think this is already done in egg, not sure what blocks it in ephy,
maybe the entry thing. Sucky sucky autocompletion code.

> > - Popups blocking.
> > See There is more or
> > less a design. Well it's more like a let's clone phoenix thing, the api
> > doesnt give us much freedom. There is also all the backend code and part
> > of the interface code.
> > I dont think I'll have time to work on it for 1.0. So someone will have
> > to volounter to do it ... otherwise post 1.0 I guess.
> I think the important thing here is the UI. If the UI stinks the feature 
> shouldn't go in until after 1.0. 

Well it would be good if we could agree on an ui spec. Otherwise I dont
see any chance someone will work on it. If we have that, I'd expect even
someone not knowing very well the codebase to get the work done easily.

> > - Bookmarks. A final decision about single/multiple topics has still to
> > be made.
> I like the idea of being able to select multiple topics in the topic 
> selector to increase the number of shown bookmarks. However I think this 
> could wait till after 1.0 since it requires the user to know how to make 
> multiple selections in the list (which most don't I assume). So i guess we 
> can punt this. 

I was talking more of association of bookmark with multiple topics (the
chexkboxes thing).

> > - We need to review gconf keys. Fixing names and removing stuff we dont
> > want to support.
> Yeah... 
> > - History. I dont think I'm going to do a serious design for 1.0. I want
> > to play with it, make small improvements and learn more about what is
> > needed.
> The current design works pretty well. Maybe after 1.0 we can get that column 
> choosing code to work. 

I started to use it but ... I think we can still do a lot better. But I
prefer to do a nice redesign later when I have time and I have
understood what's needed ;) The two view thing is nice, but there are
lots of details that I believe could be improved. I think doing a task
based design like for bookmarks could help (even if the bookmarks design
already influenced this a lot ...).


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