[Epiphany] Re: 1.0 plans

Nikolai :: lone-star :: Weibull writes: 

> On Tue, 06 May 2003 20:35:00 +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote something resembling:
> [snip]
>> - History. I dont think I'm going to do a serious design for 1.0. I want
>> to play with it, make small improvements and learn more about what is
>> needed.
> the one thing i really like about epiphany is that when you only use
> keywords, your location-entry-combobox is very clean...but sometimes you
> paste an url or type one in or you get redirected and so on and junk
> starts to collect.  the locations-entry-combobox (still in search of a
> better name...) gets quite useless after a while and you have to clear
> your history to get keywords working again.  a great feature would be to
> only include keywords in the combobox dropdown, so you can easily get to
> your 'bookmarks'.  and for some reason keyword matches are listed at the
> end of it...i can get why typed in urls and some other stuff gets put in
> the dropdown, but i don't get why the items you will most likely use are
> at the end...especially when you can't wrap around from top to bottom
> (like Zsh's menu completion) 

I have a pseudo proposal in my head for how autocompletion should work, need 
to write it down eventually. However I sort of agree with marco that it 
isn't worth investing time in fixing until we port to the new egg/gtk combo 
api that kris is writing. 


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