[Epiphany] Re: 1.0 plans

Marco Pesenti Gritti writes:
> - Need to rehash a bit preference dialog. User interface section is
> nearly empty and I dont think it make much sense too. What about to move
> these to Advanced section ? Looks like there is sort of agreement that
> the only necessary pref of these is "Always open in tabs", a sort of MDI
> switcher. Advanced seem a good place for it.
> Also we need a Security section I think, something like
> http://www.codepoetry.net/archives/Safari-Security.php.
> These are very easy changes, it's just matter to decide on them.

What I was thinking was that we move the language prefs out of general and 
into advance, and move the tab pref into general, as its use is far more 
general than the language prefs (which to be honest i don't quite even 
understand, but I'm a stupid american :) ) Also can we please add a pref for 
the download folder to the general page. I think this is something that alot 
of users will find legitimately useful. 

> - Make toolbar editor accessible. I'm going to work on this.

This is going to thoroughly suck. Basically we need to make the icon view in 
the editor keynavigatable with arrow keys (see nautilus for example) and 
enable adding of toolbar items via context menus. Also we need to find a way 
to let users use the keyboard to move through the toolbars when in edit mode 
using the keyboard and arrow keys. 

Sort of related, we should support tabbing between the toolbars and the view 
pane. I suspect this will need to be done in egg-editable-toolbar. Also 
there is no way to get out of a text entry in the toolbar using the keyboard 
to access the next toolbar item. 

> - Popups blocking.
> See http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=111930. There is more or
> less a design. Well it's more like a let's clone phoenix thing, the api
> doesnt give us much freedom. There is also all the backend code and part
> of the interface code.
> I dont think I'll have time to work on it for 1.0. So someone will have
> to volounter to do it ... otherwise post 1.0 I guess.

I think the important thing here is the UI. If the UI stinks the feature 
shouldn't go in until after 1.0. 

> - Bookmarks. A final decision about single/multiple topics has still to
> be made.

I like the idea of being able to select multiple topics in the topic 
selector to increase the number of shown bookmarks. However I think this 
could wait till after 1.0 since it requires the user to know how to make 
multiple selections in the list (which most don't I assume). So i guess we 
can punt this. 

> - We need to review gconf keys. Fixing names and removing stuff we dont
> want to support.


> - History. I dont think I'm going to do a serious design for 1.0. I want
> to play with it, make small improvements and learn more about what is
> needed.

The current design works pretty well. Maybe after 1.0 we can get that column 
choosing code to work. 

> - A small thing that I think is worth is to autodetect the first
> language from LANG var (General section of prefs)



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