[Epiphany] Re: [Usability] Re: Bookmarks localization (was Re: Epiphanydefault toolbar layout)

ons 2003-04-30 klockan 14.34 skrev Calum Benson:
> > Google is an exceptionally good example of localization. Not only are
> > there many local sites and an exceptional amount of languages supported,
> > but the google.com version automatically adapts to the language set in
> > the browser. Thus you get the correct version with minimal user effort,
> > and basically no localization of this is needed in the browser itself.
> Hmm, all I know is that I'm fed up seeing Google in Dutch any time I'm
> routed through our Dutch proxy server rather than our UK one :)

That is indeed an interesting problem, preferrably bug reported at the
proxy server level (http://www.google.com/faq.html#display) :-)


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