[Epiphany] Re: Bookmarks localization (was Re: Epiphany default toolbarlayout)

ons 2003-04-30 klockan 08.40 skrev David Adam Bordoley:
> >> In short, a set of default bookmarks exposes all possible problems with
> >> localization, far beyond just translating titles. Because of all these
> >> difficulties, I'd say just include the absolute minimum set of bookmarks
> >> possible, and let distributors etc. worry about the localization issues
> >> if they want to alter or add bookmarks to the set. :-)
> > 
> > To further expand on this issue, the reason I say the above is both that
> > it saves us work, that distributors usually modify the set of bookmarks
> > anyway, and that distributors often have a better grasp of what users
> > and markets they target, and hence what bookmarks may be suitable and
> > what localization is needed to suit their users. 
> I've been thinking about this a bit lately. For the most part i think the 
> default set of bookmarks in epiphany should be limited to "smart bookmarks," 
> ones that can be used for searching from the location entry and bookmarks 
> bar (users can bookmark their favorite news, stocks etc. sites themselves). 

Yes, sounds reasonable.

> Presumably sites like google are available in enough languages were 
> translators could update the links to correspond to their respective 
> locales.

Google is an exceptionally good example of localization. Not only are
there many local sites and an exceptional amount of languages supported,
but the google.com version automatically adapts to the language set in
the browser. Thus you get the correct version with minimal user effort,
and basically no localization of this is needed in the browser itself.

This assumes though that the browser is good about automatically making
the http-accept-language setting match the system language setting. I
don't know how well Epiphany behaves in this area.

> Obviously this approach does not scale well to large numbers of 
> bookmarks, but in this case (i'm thinking of at most 3-5 and even that may 
> be pushing it) would this be doable? 

Isn't Google enough? :)


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