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<quote who="Marco Pesenti Gritti">

> >From my very limited experience (I'm sure someone on the usability list
> could be a lot more helpful on this) commonly used toolbar items are:
> - Back, Forward, Reload, Location (grouped with the Go button).

I was somewhat surprised that Epiphany didn't have the bookmark toolbar
turned on by default (with useful links in it). For some time, I actually
didn't think it had one, because I could not see a way to turn it on (it
ends up being just another toolbar you can add with the 'toolbar editor').

Even after I turned it on, I couldn't work out how to add dropdown bookmark
folders to the bar. I use those very regularly in Galeon.

> I'll add two open questions:
> - Is the Home button used/useful ? I have not seen many person to use
> it.

Definitely. I find that my non-technical friends and family use it as a kind
of panic button. When they're lost or restarting their thought processes
(sitting down to browse), they hit the home button to 'start afresh'. Often
they have it set to a major news site, portal, or Google.

Personally, I have my own portal thingy on my webserver that I use as a
leaping off point. It's my home page, and I go to it *all* the time. If I
didn't have a home button, I'd put it on a bookmarks toolbar.

> - Is the Spinner necessary ? I tried to browse without it for some weeks
> now, the page loading feedback in the statusbar would appear to be
> enough.

I think that removing the spinner would be okay for advanced users who are
more adept at understanding what their browser is doing, and people who use
fast connections because they generally don't have to care what their
browser is doing. ;-) Anyone on dialup would find the "yes, your browser is
actually doing something now" notification helpful (if they can trust the
notification, that is...)

One opportunity for removing stuff from the toolbars is the stop button.
Safari has combined the Stop and Refresh buttons very nicely -> when would
you want to refresh a page whilst downloading it? Approximately never. :-) I
think this would be a good suggestion for our browsers, Nautilus and then
the toolbar section of the HIG for future reference.

(I can't get to any of the screenshots, btw.)

- Jeff

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