[Epiphany] Epiphany default toolbar layout

For the usability list ...
Epiphany is a web browser based on gecko. You can get more info at

So we need to a make a call about our default toolbar layout. Dave
submitted a bug about problems of current default and proposed a
different one. I'll try to summarize his points, you can see the whole
post at:

Problems with current layout

1 The Toolbar and Address Bar being welded together, leaving no room for
any buttons besides the standard four (Back, Forward, Stop, and Reload)

2 Even for advanced users, the toolbar layout is annoying. The shortened
address field doesnt show as much of a URI, and the auto-completion menu
doesnt show as much of an auto-completion title, as it does in competing

Proposed layout

Toolbar 1:
Back Forward Stop Reload | Home History Bookmarks | Find Print Spinner

Toolbar 2:
Favicon   Location(address) entry     Go

- Clear seperation of location information from tasks
- Works better with the various different style of toolbar layouts, for
example icon/text. The location(address) bar becomes very small with the
current layout.
- Similar Layout to IE and nautilus

Marco doubts ;)

I'm unsure about this change ...

>From my very limited experience (I'm sure someone on the usability list
could be a lot more helpful on this) commonly used toolbar items are:

- Back, Forward, Reload, Location (grouped with the Go button).

I'll add two open questions:

- Is the Home button used/useful ? I have not seen many person to use
- Is the Spinner necessary ? I tried to browse without it for some weeks
now, the page loading feedback in the statusbar would appear to be

Assuming I'm right and these are the commonly used actions we should
have in the toolbar, is it worth to reduce screen realestate for the web
page, to add some not so often used actions ?
In general I think in a web browser is quite important to keep the
"rumor" around the web page minimal.
I see the advantages of Dave proposal though.

I hope you can help us making a good call :)



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