[Epiphany] Bookmarks localization (was Re: Epiphany default toolbar layout)

lör 2003-04-19 klockan 11.49 skrev Marco Pesenti Gritti:
> Now that I think to it, one problem with having a default set of
> bookmarks is i18n. I'm not sure what's the best approach to make
> bookmarks "translatable". I mean, it's enough to allow to translate the
> title ? Or is it preferable to allow to change the default set of
> bookmarks for each country ?
> CCing i18n list, maybe they can give me some clue ;)

Sorry for not replying to this earlier.

Bookmarks localization is indeed an "interesting" issue. Many default
bookmarks that I've seen in other browsers are naturally targeted at
English language websites. Such websites may be less less relevant to
users with other languages as their first language or even no or very
little English knowledge. They don't have to be, but in many cases
probably are.

Moreover, bookmarks often seem to reflect other differences, like
geographical ones. Stock information is probably a good example. US
stock markets may be interesting, but probably in many cases isn't the
primary stock reference in many other areas of the world.
Weather sites is another good example of this. Very few weather sites
have equally good weather coverage for all areas of the world, and other
limitations (language, default units displayed, default weather
reference, weather symbols used) may make the choice of a good default
that fits many regions, or even good localized "replacements" when there
is a need for localization, difficult.

In short, a set of default bookmarks exposes all possible problems with
localization, far beyond just translating titles. Because of all these
difficulties, I'd say just include the absolute minimum set of bookmarks
possible, and let distributors etc. worry about the localization issues
if they want to alter or add bookmarks to the set. :-)


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