Re: [Epiphany] Popups blocking

Hi Reinout,

> I haven't used Phoenix, but I've used Mozilla + prefbar and Galeon. The
> most pressing problem with popup blocking, to my mind, is that no visual
> cue is given when the browser indeed blocks a popup. When I've got
> blocking enabled, and I land on a site which seems to malfunction, I can
> try again with blocking disabled and see if that helps.
> I imagine a small widget in the browsers' status bar that would shortly
> flash a red light (or whatever 'warning color' the locale knows) when a
> popup is blocked. When clicked upon, it could show a window allowing to
> change the popup preference for the current URL.

Sounds good. I think we should show the icon also when popups are opened
because the site is allowed, to be able to revert the pref again.

We still need a way to access the functionality with keyboard. Maybe
there should be a key binding and the user should be informed about it
in the statusbar text ?


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