Re: [Epiphany] Popups blocking

On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 08:17, Seth Nickell wrote:
> As a default setting its potentially hazardous to the user to block
> popups. I don't really know how often they are used for legitimate
> things, but I do know of some important cases where you couldn't use a
> service without allowing popups (e.g. where they ask you to select media
> format or something for videos). On the other hand, *most* popups are
> annoying to the user. So a good solution would make popups less annoying
> while still presenting them in case they are important.


> I suggest that what makes popups annoying is not that they take up space
> (which they do, but we tolerate in-page advertisement much better) but
> that they force us to close them (either before we read the content or
> after, both are annoying). A halfway step between allowing popups and
> blocking them would be to present them in a way such that they didn't
> have to be closed.
> <random ideas....>
> Is it possible to somehow close popups when the window they are
> associated with closes? Or something like that? Just talking out of my
> arse here ;-)

Yeah this is possible and sounds like a very good idea.

> Another idea would be to have a "Popup Navigator" that contains little
> thumbnailed snapshots of popup windows which can be "activated" by
> clicking on them. If it were a little button or something activatable in
> the status bar, it could possibly flash once when a new popup appeared.

Unfortunately this is not entirely possible. Mozilla fire a callback
requesting a new window to be created, and it use the GtkMozEmbed widget
we pass back to load the url in. So we cant delay page loading.

But we arent forced to show the windows. We could keep them hidden until
you activate them.

/me need to think to this a bit more and try to experiment.
Lots of interesting ideas :)

Thank you guys


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