Re: [Epiphany] Popups blocking

On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 01:17, Seth Nickell wrote:

> I don't really know how often they are used for legitimate
> things, but I do know of some important cases where you couldn't use a
> service without allowing popups (e.g. where they ask you to select media
> format or something for videos).

It's not *too* often that they're used for legitimate reasons, but those
times when they are, it is indeed very important that they work.  

> Is it possible to somehow close popups when the window they are
> associated with closes? Or something like that? Just talking out of my
> arse here ;-)

This only solves half the problem, IMHO.  The other part of the problem
with popups is having to move them out of the way or close them just to
get to the page you were trying to look at in the first place, since the
damn things tend to travel in herds, obscuring most of one's screen. 
The annoyance factor is still going to be very high with a solution like

> Another idea would be to have a "Popup Navigator" that contains little
> thumbnailed snapshots of popup windows which can be "activated" by
> clicking on them. If it were a little button or something activatable in
> the status bar, it could possibly flash once when a new popup appeared.

Too weird a concept for most users, I'd guess.  I'm imagining Joe User
giving a puzzled "WTF is a popup navigator, why are you making me learn
this?  I just wanna kill popups!" look right about now.

I really think the Phoenix model is the closest to doing the correct

  - jck

Jens Knutson <>

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