Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga test today

Le dimanche 17 fÃvrier 2013 Ã 13:31 +0800, Bret Busby a Ãcrit :
I have noticed with test calls (that is all that I have been able to 
make, so far, with both Skype and Ekiga - haven't yet "connected up" 
with anyone, family or otherwise, who have made contact with me via 
Skype or Ekiga), that the Ekiga video of me, is highly pixellated,
is of low resolution, compared with Skype. 

AFAIK the video codec used in the test call is the worst available i.e.
H.261. This explains the low resolution and the big pixels.

Practically the test call shows if video works, it does not show how
good it can be.

In a call with another client supporting better codec (especially H.264)
the video is much better. You can force ekiga to negotiate only with the
best codec (e.g H.264, or H.263) by deselecting other codecs in
preferences, or put the codec you wish in the top of the list.
Unfortunately the test call will only accept H.261.

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