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On Fri, 15 Feb 2013 19:03:00 -0800 (PST)
el_gallo_azul <el_gallo_azul yahoo com> wrote:

I just did a test using Ekiga with another noobie Ekiga user. He used
Ekiga 4.0 for Windows, and I used Ekiga 3.2.6 for Linux for the test.

1. I would like to carry out another test with another user of Ekiga
3.2.6. Please respond to me directly if you can help.

Why do you want to use 3.2.6, if I may ask?
As far as I recall, 3.2.6 or 3.2.7 have bad connectivity issues
which make Ekiga to freeze.

2. We were able to converse.

3. I was only able to see video of myself, and he was only able to
see video of himself.

Maybe you did not had the same video codec activated?

4. We had a brief discussion regarding the SIP protocol.Is there more
than one SIP protocol? ie. Is it possible that different software
uses different protocol/s, or part thereof? For example, I believe
Empathy has 'some SIP support'. Do Ekiga and Empathy not talk to each
other at all?

a. It is possible to use different software that use same protocol.
However, there may be an issue of case-problem which would result in
clients that intended to be communicating with each other to not

On Tue, 06 Nov 2012 12:21:27 -0800
Justin Karneges <justin affinix com> wrote:

I think the right answer is that codec names are meant to be
compared in a case-sensitive way, and the correct name of the Speex
codec is "speex" and not "SPEEX". Psi therefore uses the wrong codec
name completely. This also means that it only ever worked at all with
other clients (e.g. Empathy, Pidgin) because they were sending the
wrong codec name to Psi.

b. It is also possible to use different software that use different
protocol via gateway/bridge of 3rd party (i.e. SIP to land-line; Jingle
to land-line; SIP <-> land-line <-> Skype).
There are available gateways from SIP to Jingle and from Jingle to SIP.
There is also Asterisk integration with Skype but I think non of them
are available for the public since Microsoft took over

c. In future, I guess, people will make plugins for Ekiga and other SIP
clients that correspond with Skype protocol by reverse-engineered code,
which is being censored by Microsoft and various of ISPs by blocking
BitTorrent traffic of it <>

5. I chose Ekiga because it is multi-platform (Linux, Microsoft
Windows, Apple OSX). This is necessary at the moment because most
people I have been using Skype with use computers with Microsoft or
Apple OS. In the long term, I think that people should be able to
choose any SIP software they like, and they should be able to talk to
each other.

I think just like you :-)

Ekiga is not yet available for MacOS, MacOS testers are needed.
Linphone and QuteCom (formerly known as WengoPhone), for
example, do work under all three platforms.

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