Re: [Ekiga-list] Sound very choppy: lin/win connection, PulseAudio, sip address

Is your question how configuring ekiga to use those codecs? The codec you want to use must be the first switched on in the audio codec list on the sender (or receiver side, I forgot which one).

On 14/03/11 20:04, Platt, Nicholas wrote:
Sorry, I meant utilizing the CODECS on Ekiga, not Skype.

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On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 16:42, Platt, Nicholas
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Skype also runs on Linux and runs very well.    I'm running Fedora 14
without any sound issues.   Calls are extremely clear especially when
the user agents have negotiated CODEC G.722 or G.711.

Thanks Nicholas. We had been using Skype until now. How does one
configure the G.722 or G.711 codecs? I see no such options in Skype.

   The problem you
will run into with Ekiga on Windows, Linux, or MAC is DTMF tones using
RFC2833.  As far as the audio quality settings, I did need to do
anything except select my headset as the microphone and speakers and
that is done in Ekiga "Preferences".

Thanks, I will google that issue.

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