Re: [Ekiga-list] Sound very choppy: lin/win connection, PulseAudio, sip address

On 12/03/11 23:07, Dotan Cohen wrote:
Hi all, I have finally convinced two important contacts to switch from
Skype to Ekiga. They are both on Windows, I am on Linux. We all have
Ekiga sip addresses now.

The sound quality of our conversations was unusable: it was completely
choppy. Could that be because:
1) My distro uses PulseAudio

Maybe, see below.

2) The sip address service might be subpar

No.  Only echo test (500) is suboptimal.

3) The Windows Ekiga program might be not well developed

I think no.

4) The default codec might be subpar

I think no.

What should I do first? I do not want to replace PulseAudio with Alsa
because I have other applications that depend on PulseAudio.

I think the problem is because:
- either pulse; in last unstable release, ekiga is finally provided with a ptlib plugin for pulse, this should solve this issue in my opinion (I have not tested, but it is a plugin expecially for pulse) - this last version is not as usable as 3.2.x release, we are preparing it, but it might take more time - or because G.722 and G.711 audio plugins are not well supported in ekiga; I advise to use speex
- or your sound card is sub-optimal

The problem you
will run into with Ekiga on Windows, Linux, or MAC is DTMF tones using

Well, I think this is an issue in very special cases, not in the case of this person.


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