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Thanks for your reply.. I'm going to check out what you have suggested and get back here. whew .. google google google google.. grrrr// :)

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 8:20 PM, Custom Processing Unlimited <cpunltd gmail com> wrote:
one possible solution to your bad audio issue would be codecs... see which ones you have installed on your system (not sure which ones are supported on windows in general, let alone vista)... other than that, it could be the speed of your network or network interface... VOIP is somewhat heavy on your connection, even when using a low-bandwidth codec, so if you're using anything slower than standard grade DSL, you are not gonna get that great of a connection... if you are using standard grade DSL or better, then it's most likely a codec problem.  The data you are sending as voice is bottlenecking your network connection... a good test of this that I have used is browsing while not on a call, then browsing while on a call... going to places you usually frequent, you have a general idea of how fast the page will load... if it freezes or takes much longer than usual to load when you're on the call, you've got a bottleneck.  if so, two options I know to fix are using a lighter codec (google the details :P) and/or get a better speed DSL connection.  If anyone else would like to chime in and flesh out what I have said so far (or add other possible options) feel free to do so.

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