Re: [Ekiga-list] DOS problem

Le lundi 19 octobre 2009 à 17:35 +1000, bnc netspeed com au a écrit :
I gets weirder.
It took me a while but I switched my dns to opends as suggested. 
When my ekiga account starts up(with 1 number in the contacts list) it
still issues a string of about 8 dns requests(all to opendns) and they
get repeated about every 30s.

When I try to make a call I still get a voice response that says "your
call could not be completed at this time"
I can fire up Twinkle and make the call no problem.
twinkle only starts about 3 dns calls and does nor repeat them.


Twinkle does not have all features of Ekiga and thus issues less SIP messages.

Damien Sandras

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