Re: [Ekiga-list] STUN support on Windows XP

Jacob Beard wrote:

I just installed the latest Ekiga on Windows XP. When installing, it
said that it was unable to automatically configure my network, and
directed me to the page instructing me to set up port forwarding. This
would be fine, except my Linksys WRT54G2 seems to be having some
trouble with port forwarding... maybe after I upgrade the firmware,
this will have changed. In the meantime, I tried to manually configure
STUN, but was unable to find the option in the place where it was
located on Ekiga 2.0, namely Protocols -> Network Settings. Is STUN
supported in the current Windows build?


STUN option (boolean) was removed from the GUI in 3.0 (if I remember correctly) and was added back in 3.2.

Still, in 3.0 you can check it on/off in gconf settings, .gconf/apps/ekiga/general/nat - disable_stun. I do not know in Windows where these gconf settings are stored.

You can execute ekiga -d 4 | grep STUN to see if it is used (if it is used, you will see a line such as "STUN server replied Symmetric NAT (or other type of NAT)). See to see how to use -d 4 on Windows.

The purpose of STUN is to allow private addresses (when your machine is behind a NAT, or a router allowing several computers to connect to Internet) to still use VoIP software (and others). So, with few exceptions, you need it, and it is on by default.


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