Re: [Ekiga-list] IPP codecs support for fully operational H264 on LINUX

chaitanya mehandru wrote:
Do the IPP codecs support fully operational H264 on LINUX? On the website of
ipp codecs, **, I just see that H264 is quoted as '*Fully
Implemented*' and the operating system is not specified.
I am asking such a question because I am using ekiga with IPP codecs for
H264 videoconferencing between linux and windows. I see 0/30 fps from ekiga
on linux and a 30/0 fps from ekiga on windows which means there is no encode
happening. Also, the remote video( local video from linux setup) decoded by
ekiga on windows is showing a consistent green colored image. This doesnt
happen when i am using the default codecs.

Please let me know what should I do to get H264 encoded frames with IPP
codecs. I am using IPP codec version 5.3.

I do not know.

Maybe running ekiga -d 4 will show useful information.


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