Re: [Ekiga-list] Sound not working with v3.0.1 and SuSE 11.1

Yes, I use H.323.  I have used it through many versions of gnomemeeting
and into ekiga.  I know very little about SIP mainly because, when I
start to read about it, it seems unsuitable for my needs.  I'd rather
not learn, but instead use a standard that has always worked.

Damien Sandras wrote:
>> I can connect fine with H323 direct to the IP address of the MCU at the
>> videoconference location.  Normally, if there is no one at the other
>> end, I get a message about "You are the first participant."  I do not
>> get that with the 11.1 system.  Video is being transmitted at a good
>> rate (a default view as no webcam is attached).  But there is no sound
>> transmission to or from the MCU.  I disabled pulseaudio by renaming the
>> binary file (and rebooting).  I still had the system sounds, but no
>> change with ekiga.
>> Maybe the solution is easy, but I have not found it by trials, scanning
>> mailing lists, etc.  Your help would be appreciated.
> Using H.323 ?

Joe Comfort

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