[Ekiga-list] Sound not working with v3.0.1 and SuSE 11.1

I have 3 computers with different architectures running SuSE 10.3.
Ekiga v2.0.9 works fine on them.

I have 2 computers with different architectures running SuSE 11.1. The
sound does not work with them.  Two computers, one from each group, have
identical architectures.  They are both dual Opterons 244, with AMD8111
audio chips.  The system sounds are heard fine.  The firewalls are off.
 The kmix settings are the same.  The ekiga settings are the same.  I am
using KDE 3.5 on both systems. I do not see any sound error messages in
the system log files.

I can connect fine with H323 direct to the IP address of the MCU at the
videoconference location.  Normally, if there is no one at the other
end, I get a message about "You are the first participant."  I do not
get that with the 11.1 system.  Video is being transmitted at a good
rate (a default view as no webcam is attached).  But there is no sound
transmission to or from the MCU.  I disabled pulseaudio by renaming the
binary file (and rebooting).  I still had the system sounds, but no
change with ekiga.

Maybe the solution is easy, but I have not found it by trials, scanning
mailing lists, etc.  Your help would be appreciated.


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