Re: [Ekiga-list] Cannot answer calls (no popup window)

On Saturday 07 February 2009 22:57:47 you wrote:

> Ekiga 3.0.x can be compiled with libnotify support or without. If it is
> compiled with libnotify support, you get a nice notification in the
> notification area like in the following screenshot :
> My guess is that Ekiga has been compiled with libnotify support, but for
> some reason, the notification can not be displayed.
> Try running it in a terminal, perhaps there are warnings that could lead
> you to a solution.

	Hi Damien, and thanks for the response.
	Sorry, I forgot to mention that I had already tried the terminal, and running 
ekiga in debug mode(s) also, but didn't see anything suspicious (lots of 
messages related to ALSA and the video, but nothing that looked like it could 
be related to this when I receive a call).

	Additionally, I just finished a new opensuse 11.1 installation in a laptop 
and the same thing happens yet again! I did it mostly because both of the 
previous installations were done in 64 bits processors and I wanted to try 
with the 32 bit version of the distribution. No difference. Btw, one of the 
ekiga installations was downloaded -as binaries- from, so I am 
pretty sure the problem has to be related to Suse's system installation, not  
ekiga itself. 

	I am very puzzled by the fact that nobody else has reported this here or in 
SuSE forums. If I have managed to find this problem in 3 out of 3 
installations with different hardware somebody else must have seen it with 
this distribution. I have found reports of people who have it working, though. 
Anyway, I'll keep trying.

	Thanks again.

				- BA -

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