Re: [Ekiga-list] Help debugging interoperability with Messenger

Le samedi 07 février 2009 à 17:28 +0000, Andrea a écrit :
> I would like to ask help to understand why I cannot connect (any more) to Windows Messenger.
> I was able to connect audio/video using Ekiga 2.X, but today, first time I have tried with Ekiga
> 3.0.2 I cannot see video and audio is mute (same for them).
> I have attached the output of "ekiga -d 4", maybe there is something clear about what is wrong.
> I might be something completely unrelated, but the echo test works for both of us.
> Using Ekiga 2.x I used to have an issue whether PCMU was above or below PCMA (can't remember which
> way), but I have tried both and the result is the same.
> Thank you very much.
> Here is the log

I see that it asks to receive audio video on ports in the 506X range,
but it receives nothing.

It's possible that the STUN test goes wrong and that those ports it
detects are not correct.

Could you check if Ekiga 2.0.x also detects ports in the same range?

You can see this in the INVITE, in the m=audio and m=video lines.

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