Re: [Ekiga-list] Cannot answer calls (no popup window)


Le samedi 07 février 2009 à 22:10 +0100, Raúl Z. Martínez a écrit :
> 	Hi everybody,
> 	I have found a strange problem with ekiga 3.0.1 and Opensuse 11.1. When I 
> receive a call I can hear ekiga ringing, but the answer popup window which I 
> was used to from earlier ekiga versions does not show up. Given that one 
> cannot answer the call from the main ekiga window, the result is that I am 
> unable to pick up. 
> 	Initially I thought it must be a problem related to kde 4.2, which I am using 
> in one of the computers... so I installed opensuse 11.1 again in a different 
> computer, but this time using as default desktop kde 3.5. Same problem: ekiga 
> 3.0.1 with kde 3.5 on opensuse 11.1 does not produce an "answer" window.
> 	I have tried upgrading to 3.0.2 with the same result. Anybody has experienced 
> anything similar? I am thinking maybe the opensuse installation is missing 
> some gnome library, but it is pure speculation.

Ekiga 3.0.x can be compiled with libnotify support or without. If it is
compiled with libnotify support, you get a nice notification in the
notification area like in the following screenshot :

My guess is that Ekiga has been compiled with libnotify support, but for
some reason, the notification can not be displayed.

Try running it in a terminal, perhaps there are warnings that could lead
you to a solution.
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