Re: [Ekiga-list] Two ekiga logins on the same PC won't work?

Rob wrote:
John Feagans wrote on Sat, 5 Dec 2009 07:44:

If SSH would operate like Ekiga, only one instance of SSH is allowed
from my home network. However, I've never encountered problems
with the number of SSH connections (and I have many connections
simultaneously active!).

I don't think SSH uses a revolutionary protocol; it's rather common
and standard.

The NAT translation looks after that. The complication with ekiga (and other VOIP) is the need for another "unknown" machine to be introduced which is where the STUN protocol comes in. As long as you have a CONE NAT or use port triggering to open up a local small temporary "CONE", everything should "just" work.

So sip voip is different from ordinary network applications: the server must somehow "introduce" two parties to each other. But NAT firewall routers are designed to bounce 3rd party incoming traffic. Hence the extra complication.


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