Re: [Ekiga-list] Two ekiga logins on the same PC won't work?

John Feagans wrote on Sat, 5 Dec 2009 07:44:
> Two instances of Ekiga on the same PC cannot work,
> but you may
also have the same problem if you have
> two PC's each running Ekiga
behind the same home router.
> Your public IP address is used to register the Ekiga instance.
> There is only one for the PC, and also only one for your home
> router.
If a call was coming in, to which PC, or instance of Ekiga
> would the
protocol go?
> The second problem is H.323 uses port 1720 as the Q.931
> listening
port. If one instance of Ekiga has used this port, the other
> instance
of Ekiga cannot.

Thanks for this explanation, but it leaves me quite confused.

I have 5 PCs here behind a NAT router as a home network.
I extensively use Secure Shell (SSH) as my means of communication
to computers outside and inside.

If SSH would operate like Ekiga, only one instance of SSH is allowed
from my home network. However, I've never encountered problems
with the number of SSH connections (and I have many connections
simultaneously active!).

I don't think SSH uses a revolutionary protocol; it's rather common
and standard.

Moreover, I try to switch from Skype to Ekiga; I have 4 Skype logins
active at the moment, 2 on the same PC and another 2 on different
PCs. All behind the same NAT router. No problems or clashes!

Therefore, I find it difficult to believe that Ekiga doesn't have an automatic
built-in solution for several Ekiga logins behind a NAT router, since
other software seems to have no problems with that too.....



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